Why Autumn Ballet

I always wanted to bring in the flavour and depth of Hindustani Classical Music to the larger audience of the world.

Classical Raagas work both at the conscious and the subliminal level. To the uninitiated, the ears may not detect the grammar of the Raaga, but the heart responds to its call, unfailingly.

The non-verbal element of Indian Classical Vocal also helps to reach out to the larger audience.

So I had been reflecting and experimenting with different forms of presenting Hindustani Classical Bandishes which would be pleasurable to all, cutting across the listening demography.

Finally I started working on this album where, technically speaking, I straddled two levels of inprovisation.

Firstly, juxtaposing in small, balanced measure, elements of contemporary vocal styles, like Rock, R&B, tiny hummable refrains, and Bangla Folk in one case, with traditional classical Bandishes.

Secondly, at a larger scale, singing Hindustani classical in the background of diverse and overwhelmingly Western music. As diverse as Lounge, Celtic, Western Classical and other genres of International Music.

Stephen (Devassy) became the perfect collaborator to transform this idea to reality. Illuminating a whole new dimension.

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Trained in the rigorous discipline of Hindustani (Indian) Classical Music, Nivedita ventures out to World Music, beyond the shore of her formal training as a classical vocalist, but never losing sight of her moors.

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