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The city was treated to Moh’ko Kahan Dhoonde, an enlightening evening of spiritual music, blended with drama and storytelling, last weekend.

Presented by Shanq, the event began by blowing of the shanq (shell). This was followed by Gaiye Ganapathy Jagavadana, an invocation to Lord Ganesha. The group, comprising 20 artistes, clad in off white and orange, took the audience to a different level as they presented a series of heart-rending stories. These were different episodes picked from the lives of poet-saints like Surdas, Kabir, Tulsidas and Meera.

The story-telling and musical session took the audience back to 1478, the year when visually challenged Surdas was born. Life was harsh for the little blind boy as he was the object of mockery. However, one day he passed a group of street singers, and was enchanted by their singing. The group performed Hare Rama Hare Krishna on this theme. Later they also performed Akhiyan Haridarshan Ki Pyaasi.

Heart-rending scenes were enacted during the course of the evening. The scene of Lord Krishna stealing butter and denying the same to Yashoda was portrayed through a beautiful song Main Nahi Makhan Khayo in the background. The part of Swami Ramananda coming across little Kabir at the Ganga Ghat and adopting him was a touching one.

Said Ashish Dutta, the scriptwriter of the event, “The event was one of its kind, where there was music, story-telling and drama, with the protagonists being the songs of these poet saints. Everyone sings these songs but no one knows much about these poets.” He added, “It was an effort to enlighten the people on some of the episodes in their lives. For instance, the difficulties Kabir had to face being a Muslim, initiated by a Hindu saint. Despite these problems, he was religiously neutral and spiritually active.”

With Nivedita as the main conductor, Nelson on violin, Prabha and Ashish on tabla, Kumar Anuj playing the role of Surdas, Prachi portraying Baby Krishna and Sheetal playing Yashoda, the talented team’s effort was surely commendable.

Source: Metrolife, Deccan Herald

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