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World Music Album

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Nivedita is releasing her maiden World Music album – Autumn Ballet.

The album is released by Saregama India Ltd. (erstwhile HMV) under.

In the album, Nivedita has collaborated with Stephen Devassy – the celebrated classical pianist and among India’s foremost keyboard player.

Shanq Musical Performance

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Performance on TV9

Enlightening and entertaining

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The city was treated to Moh’ko Kahan Dhoonde, an enlightening evening of spiritual music, blended with drama and storytelling, last weekend.

Presented by Shanq, the event began by blowing of the shanq (shell). This was followed by Gaiye Ganapathy Jagavadana, an invocation to Lord Ganesha. The group, comprising 20 artistes, clad in off white and orange, took the audience to a different level as they presented a series of heart-rending stories. These were different episodes picked from the lives of poet-saints like Surdas, Kabir, Tulsidas and Meera. (more…)

Music and Drama

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Shanq, a musical troupe of Bangalore, will perform “Moh’ko Kahan Dhoonde”, combining music with storytelling and drama. Tickets are available at K. C. Das (Church Street).

Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Auditorium
Date: August 22
Contact: 98451-92823/98804-63262

Source: The Hindu

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